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Regulated Tenants Always Considered

We buy properties with Regulated Tenants and Sitting Tenants.  As a market leader in this field we are always looking to add property to our existing portfolio of Protected tenancies. We will buy your property whether it is occupied by a single Tenant or multiple Protected Tenants. We will consider individual flats and houses  as well as mixed portfolios of regulated tenants. If you are considering selling you property that is occupied by a Sitting Tenant you can get in touch with our company via our contact page. Provided you give us a little information we can normally make an offer to purchase your investment within 48 hours.

Anyone that owns a regulated tenancy will be aware that the rent that the tenant pays is nearly always set by the local rent office. Many factors are taken into consideration such as the condition of the property and will not reflect a market rent. A regulated tenant will pay well below the market rent as is the nature of their tenancy.You are entitled to apply for an increase in the rent every two years and it will only increase in line with the retail price index since the last rent increase plus a fixed percentage as set by law.

What Is A Regulated Tenant?

Generally speaking a regulated tenancy is a letting of part of a house, flat or maisonette that was let before 15th January 1989. After this date the law was changed to give the landlord more protection but in certain circumstances a tenant may have security of tenure even if the tenancy was put in place after this date. We specialise in buying these types of tenancies and do not require funding. This means we and can buy your property without carrying out a survey and it will not be necessary for us  to meet your Tenants.