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Agricultural Tenancies

What is an Agricultural Tenancy?


If you live in a house that is provided by your employer it will be known as a tied tenancy and you will most likely have to give give up the tenancy when you leave your job. Many farm workers live in accommodation that has been provided by their employer and in certain circumstances they will be entitled to remain in their property even when they no longer work on the farm or have retired. The property that you occupy must be self contained and not be used by the landlord as his main residence.

Tenancies Created Prior To 15 January 1989


The type of tenancy that you have will depend on when you moved into the property. If your tenancy started before 15th January you will have a regulated tenancy. This type of tenancy is also known as statutory tenancy or protected agricultural tenancy. This type of tenancy will afford you the same right as a private regulated tenancy and means that you have security of tenure. This means that you do not have to move out of your property even when you no longer work on the farm. You are protected by law.

Vacant Possession


You landlord will not be able to evict you but they can sell the property with the tenant still in residence. The tenancy will not change but the ownership of the property can change. Vacant possession can’t be given until the tenant dies or until they have decided to move out.