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Ground Rent Disputes With Leaseholders

Sometimes leaseholder disputes are unavoidable and there is no common ground to try and resolve a problem. Even the most reasonable landlord will come across lessees that want to do things their own way and will not comply with the terms of the lease. Obviously in this type of scenario you will have to take your lessee to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal to resolve your differences.

Recovering Service Charge Arrears


Service charges are another issue and most buyers will not want to pay you any outstanding arrears as they may not be able to recover it from the lessees. If you can’t recover the monies from the lessees before you complete the sale you will probably have to write it off or assign it to the new buyers.

Try To Resolve Amicably


Most disputes can be resolved amicably and it is a good idea to try and resolve any issues that you have with your lessees before you try to sell your freehold. It is not essential but makes life a little easier. Ground rent arrears are very simple to sort out as thee lessees have to pay the ground rent each year whether they want to or not. they can’t dispute the amount of ground rent that should be paid.