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Fair Rents

The amount of rent that a regulated tenant will pay will not be set by the landlord. Instead it will be set by the rent assessment panel that deals with fair rents. The rent act of 1977 provides the rules for setting fair rents and these are applied to all regulated tenancies across Britain. Fair Rents Increase If you do not apply for a fair rent increase you will not receive one. They are not done automatically and you can only apply for an increase every two years. they are completely different from a standard assured shorthold tenancy agreement and do not reflect full market rents.

You can search the rent register to find out what your tenant pays in rent. You can also check other properties on the register. Property Improvements If you have made improvements to your tenanted property the rent office may increase the rent paid by the tenant to reflect this. They may also ask you to carry out works to the property that are deemed essential. They will notify you of this in writing and can set a time frame to have any essential works carried out.