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Problem Tenants

Resolving Disputes With Your Tenant


If you are having problems with your protected tenancy the only course of action you can take is throught the rent service. If your tenant is behind with the rent payments obviously you may be able to recover this through the county court. This is relatively painless and inexpensive. However you should note that you are highly unlikely to get anything other that repayment over a period of time on top of the rent that is paid.

Dealing With Tenancy Arrears


It is quite rare for a tenant to be in arrears with their rent as it is often paid through housing benefit. Sometimes there can be a minor repair that needs to be carried byt he landlord and the tenant will hold the rent back until the work is carried out. This is not allowed and you should complain immediately to the rent service if this is the case In most cases it is best to meet directly with the tenant and try and resolve the problem It is much cheaper that going to court or employing solicitors to act on your behalf. Most tenants are quite reasonable and a call around to the property is much cheaper than any of the above.