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Enforcement Notices

Dealing With An Enforcement Notice


An enforcement notice is a legal document that is served on a property where the council has reason to believe that you are carrying out building works to a property that you do not have permission for. For example you may be converting a property into 2 flats without applying to the council beforehand. If this is the case the council will slap an enforcement notice on your building.

Deal With The Notice Immediately


It is imperative that you contact the council and deal with the notice as the council may stop you from carrying out any further works until the enforcement notice has been removed. Believe it or not some people decide to build houses in their back gardens that they do not have permission to build. In this case the council will issue an enforcement notice on the building and demolish it if necessary.

Some councils will have a register of properties that have been issued an enforcement notice so if you want to know if a property you are interested in the first place to look will be at your local authority.

Avoiding A Stop Order On Your Property


Of course the above is a rarity and is an extreme example. The councils are not in the habit of issuing these notices without good cause. It is a last resort and in most cases the developer will be aware that there has been a problem and hasn’t dealt with it. Ultimately the council can put a stop notice on your site which means you have to stop all work immediately.

Check Out The Enforcement Register At Your Local Council


They can also be issued for other items such us upvc windows fitted to a listed building. You can appeal against an enforcement notice. You will have the opportunity to present your case on why the notice should not be served.