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Derelict Houses And Commercial Property

A house doesn’t have to be left for too long before it starts to show signs of needing works. If an unmodernised house is left to somebody in a will and the house is left for a couple of years without having any work done it will soon become derelict and will not go unnoticed by the local council. Derelict houses can cause problems for other homeowners with in the vicinity and in some cases will cause problems with neighboring houses. Complaints are often made by local residents because of pest infestation and people trying to break in.

Reasons For Derelict Properties


There are a few reasons why some owners allow their properties to become so run down. Some owners will leave the house in a state of disrepair because they are going to knock it down and replace it with something else. Sometimes a dispute may arise over property ownership and the house will quickly fall into disrepair due to lack of care and maintenance. We are always looking to purchase derelict houses across London and the South East and welcome enquiries from private individuals as well as agents. It will not be necessary for us to view the house internally therefore facilitating a very quick sale.