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Dangerous Structures

A dangerous structures notice may be issued against a property that the council consider to be a danger to the public. For example a property may be fallen into such a state of disrepair and is in danger of collapsing that the council feels it is necessary to take immediate action and make the building safe. If the roof has been damaged and roof tiles are falling onto the street the council will have to make the building safe as quickly as possible to avoid any chance of the general public being injured.

Don’t Leave It To The Council


If you have received a dangerous structures notice you should deal with it immediately. You should employ a contractor to carry out the essential works as failure to do so will result in the council carrying out the works on your behalf and possibly registering a caution against your property. It is much cheaper to deal with these works yourself as council contractors tend to be much more expensive in comparison to other contractors. You really need to have some control over his as the works could cost double if left to the council. The owner or occupier will be required to reimburse the costs of all the council’s expenses incurred in relation to the dangerous building including the cost of any works undertaken. There will be a 10% charge to cover administrative costs and the costs of council officers time.