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Problem Properties

Selling A Problem Property


Whilst most properties that people own are very straight forward and never cause any problems some properties will just be problematic and cause major headaches. There can be problems with tenants or problems with the building itself. Sometimes we bring these problems upon ourselves with poor decision making and other times they are caused by circumstances completely outside of our control. Depending on the nature of the problem you can try and deal with it or sell the property to someone else who can deal with it.

If you have had enough and are looking to sell a problem property we would like to hear from you. Sometimes it is often better to sell a problem property and move on. Depending on the nature of your problem we can complete the sale very quickly and take the problem off of your hands.

Problem Properties – Problem Tenants – Structural Defects

We have dealt with a whole array of problem flats and houses to include water damaged property, problems with freeholders, problem tenants, fire damaged property, and problems with the local council to do with environmental issues. We have also purchased properties where enforcement notices have been issued by the council. Because we have cash funds available for immediate acquisitions we don’t have to rely on any banks for funding which means we will not ask you any daft questions before completing the sale with you. There is no point in attempting to raise funding for problem flats or houses as it isn’t going to happen in the current climate.

Structural Defects – Insurance Problems


If you are trying to sell a property that has a structural problem you really have two options open to you. You either have to fix the problem and try and resell the property or you can sell the house to a cash buyer who already knows about the problem. Of course the house will have to be discounted to account for these works but the sums may still work for you if you are getting a good deal on your purchase.