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Gas Safety Certificates

Gas Safety Checks Are Carried Out Annually A house that is occupied by a protected tenant must have a current gas safety certificate. These gas safety checks are carried out annually and ensure that every gas appliance in the property is safe to use. It is vital that this is done every year to ensure the safety of the tenants. You do not want to have any problems with any gas fires or faulty boilers as these can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. If any of your tenants have any health related problems caused by a faulty boiler and you don’t have a valid gas safety certificate you will there will be serious consequences.

Gas Safe Register


You need to make sure tht your engineer is gas safe registered. This link has been provided by the Health And Safety Executive. You can enter the details of your engineer and they will tell you whether he is able to issue a gas safet certificate. You need to have any appliances disconnected that do no pass and replace any items that are dangerous. The engineer will not leave an appliances connected that is dangerous so you have to disconnect it, replace it, or remove it completely.

Costs Involved


Make sure you know how much an engineer is going to charge you as there is not a fixed price. A quick internet search will show that some companies will provide an inspection for £60.00 but you should make sure that they are registered on the gas safe register or the certificate will nor be valid. It is your responsibility to get it right as you will be held responsible if there are any problems that were not picked up by an unregistered gas engineer.