Shortage Of Affordable Homes Increases


Shortage Of Affordable Homes Across UK

New figures released by the government show that the shortage of affordable homes across the UK is not letting up as our population increases and the UK housing stock is being depleated with the sale of council homes under the "right to buy" scheme. What many of us do not know is that we are building quite a lot more homes than we think but they are the wrong type of homes in the wrong areas.

In a recent report by the English Housing Survey the numbers suggest that only 3% of the population live in homes that are overcrowded..

The figures also suggest that just over 37% of us had 2 spare rooms and 34 of people had homes with one spare room. The report highlights the issues that we face in todays housing market with young families finding it ever harder to get a foot on the housing ladder.

The problem is they face is multifaceted in that they are having to compete with buy to let landlords, pensioners that rae now looking to spend their pension pots on a buy to let as well as a shortgae of 1 bed flats and small starter homes to buy acrsoss the UK.